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What Does Love Look Like To You?

Thanks to Disney there are a lot of preconceived ideas that love is measured by princes and princesses surviving their ultimate enemy and then living HAPPILY EVER AFTER…


The sad truth is for anyone that has ever actually been in a relationship can attest to that MAGICAL VIEW POINT!!!

Its not to say that being in a loving relationship, is not going to be magical! It’s just saying that there is a lot that goes into relationships. Everyday, relationships take compromise and sacrifice. No two people can magically come together and never face some sort of compromising situation.

What Brings You Joy?

What makes you and your partner happy? Are you social with others or are you the couple that just closes up in your own world?

Life is full, of ways to enjoy yourself but on a daily basis do you and your partner? What is the fight that keeps you up at night? My mother always told me the first 3 fights of your relationship are the three fights you will have for the rest of your life…

“Is That True To You? I’d love some feed back on this “ha-ha” because shockingly it kind of worked out that way for me in most of my relationships. Its something to ponder for sure, at the very least…”

Are You & Your Partner That Type That Hang All Over Each Other?

Real love, is hard to find but what makes it so complex is not trying to find a way to push through life circumstance.

Do You Live A Story Book Romance?

There Is More To Love Than Attraction…

Do you and your partner know how to enjoy a day together? Do you travel and do your best to make memories that you can remember for the rest of your life?

Are You Working Toward a Common Goal or Are You Just Living in the Moment?

This is a question as old as time. So many couples start off as romantic duo but after some while roses are just roses and so are parties and events. If you are a couple that only lives in the moment things maybe beautiful now but eventually someone is going to want more!!! So always make sure you keep a strong understanding of the reality of your relationship.

Successful Love Takes Communication!

You should absolutely, be able to tell your partner everything! You should be able to be exactly who you are without hiding your true self! Sure you will have compromise but that does not mean you always have to give your all with out taking anything in return…


Take moment to look at the chart above and see if you are living a balanced life? Do you have the proper level of happiness? Do you feel smothered by your partner? Are you consumed by love and nothing else? Maybe you thrive in all of the above and if that is true well then maybe you found all the answers to living your best life. That is something to be celebrated.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Yourself?

  • Do you both, respect each other?
  • When one of you are at your lowest, does the other pick up the slack proudly without question?
  • Do either of you, have to beg for attention? If so why?
  • Is your attraction what it use to be and if not, what changed?
  • Do you feel comfortable being yourself with your partner and do they feel the same?
  • What are your and your partners main complaints in your relationship and what have either of you done to work on them?
  • What do you do before you both go to bed at night? How do you say good-bye when one of you leaves till a later time?
  • Do you share the same beliefs? If not how do you make it work?
  • Do you have many people in your relationship? Does your families or friends take a seat at the table every time their is an issue?

Above Are a Few Questions to Ask Yourself to See Where Your Partner and yourself Stand at This Current Moment!

Every One Wants Happily Ever After…


Although, that is not what love is actually suppose to be. Love is about finding someone you are willing to make compromises with for the rest of your days. All just so you can still give each other that kiss goodnight. Love is about finding someone, you can face anything with. While, still knowing that if you fall they will do anything in their power to hold your hand till it’s all over. Love is about giving your partner your whole heart, trust, respect and common curtesy to achieve a partnership full of happiness and success! You want to know if push comes to shove your partner will risk everything they have to save you. Even, if it means making a great sacrifice for themselves! Although, always remember these very words are all fine and dandy if you want all of the above from your partner. True Love takes TWO PEOPLE, so that means what ever you expect from your partner you must uphold the same standard as them!

Thanks So Much For Reading Crazy Beautiful Blogs First Saturday Post and Please Follow Us For More…

Make The Most Of This Post Read It Through With Your Partner and Contemplate Your Relationship Together! Building Boundaries and Keeping aware of the struggles you and your partner share is key to you both living in a relationship with common interest and goals!!! Also, after you are finished if you need assistance in your relationship.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us For Your Free Consultation and We Can Help Get Your Love Back On Track!!!

4 thoughts on “What Does Love Look Like To You?”

  1. I have ranted about the Disney and Hallmark delusions for years. When my youngest seemed to have drunk the cool-aid, I explained the concept of the diamond in the rough and the partner that isn’t romantic but the best thing that could ever happen to a person. The modern hero isn’t saving you from evil villains, but the homeless panhandler that threatens you, the chance of a blow-out with bald tires on the interstate, the chance of a dead battery in the bitter cold in a lonely place, and other urban threats. The modern hero watches the kids while you take a hot bath and understands to feed you when you need fuel and are too wrung out to see the problem. There are still ways that an emotionally healthy person can build a life with a partner without being joined at the hip. There are many ways to show love that don’t involve Hallmark moments. That’s what true partnership is about. I like your point above, that decisions should be made between the two of us, and not dragging all the relatives into it.

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  2. Thanks so much for your opinion, I love feed back. I couldn’t agree more I love the concept of fairy tales and magic but so often people forget that they are just movies. I once was caught up in the idea, as well and learned very quickly the truth lmao. So often in society people choose to live with their eyes shut hoping and praying on a wish or dream. Instead of actually taking a real look at their surroundings and life. In general I’ve always been a dreamer but I have also never shun away the reality of life. We all go through hardships, sadness and get hurt that is just part of life but it is our job to be aware of our situations. This way we can control our outcomes and limit our level of negativity and falls! I love your thoughts and also greatly agree. Thank you again for sharing and please feel free to share anytime πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–!!! Your opinion and thoughts are greatly appreciatedπŸ˜‰πŸ’ž!

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  3. I like how the ancient Greeks had several different words for different types of love, rather than the confusing catch all that can mean almost anything we have in English. There was ‘eros’ or love between sexual partners. There was ‘Philo’, or familiar or fraternal love. There was also ‘agape’, which was unmerited, without expectation of return, or godlike love. Those are the ones I can think of right now. It really is kind of frustrating how our modern language doesn’t have distinct words for different types of love. I love my parents, but it’s definitely not the same as I feel toward my friends or in my dating relationships. I love my female friends, but I don’t use the word love when talking about them because there is no romantic or sexual interest in that relationship. And when I think ‘agape’, I think of Divine Love, self sacrificing love. It’s the kind of love that is on such a different level, the closest we as mortals can show it is by loving something or someone so much you are willing to let them go so they can fulfill their life purpose even if you are not part of the plan.

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  4. Wow, that is actually quite A Beautiful thought. Thank you for explaining as well as sharing your views!!! I love that, it is true their are so many different types of love maybe you idea and how they would express themselves is a great way to identify our exact feelings. So often people get so confused maybe using different terms would help our society to build healthy more realistic relationships. Thank you fpr your share and please follow us and share again. I Love Your Out Of The Box Thinking πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–!!!

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