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Stop Settling, with Crumbs of Life…

Are you the type of person, that spends all of your days and nights head over heels involved with everyone’s wants and needs but your own?

The truth is life is too short to keep wasting. Sure, if you are a mom or dad your babies always come first but take a few minutes to carefully consider my next words?

  • If you do not start caring for yourself. When you finally become so run down and overwhelmed. Who is going to take your place?
  • If something happened to you tomorrow? Who is going to take care of your busy schedule?
  • What happens, when your child or the people you are caring for have to do it all by themselves?
  • Did you know enabling them to depend on you 24-7 is actually stunting your loved ones growth and personal development!!

Let’s Weigh the Odds

  • What are the benefits of you over working yourself and not caring for your own wants and needs?
  • What are the down falls, to all of your endless hardwork and endless sacrifice?

In the end of it all, did your sacrifices and all you did to oblige someone elses wants and needs make a difference?

As a life coach, I know your probably going to think that I should have it all together. The truth is though no one does…

We work hard to achive the best type of life, we can. We struggle, we cry, we laugh, we push past the odds only to fall right back down on our ass!!


No one is perfect, No one is always right or wrong. We all do the best we can to achieve the most out of the time we have but very often in this world. We will realize, that we individually are either givers or takers.

In fact, sometimes we spend so much of our life giving that one day we say screw it and never share our time again!

Life is to precious to be giving it all away… It is our job to find the balance in all that we do!

We can not spead our life pleasing others, without pleasing ourselves first! It is unnatural and a down right unhealthy way of action!

Don’t you want to make a great role modle to your younger loved ones?

The only way to do that is to show them that self-care & self-love is important!

You want to show them the only way to achieve a real smile is to work toward the things that bring you joy!

So Today, I Dare You To Not Just Live The Life You Want To Lead…

But I Dare You To Live The Type Of Life That You Damn Well Deserve!!!

Step #1: Set You Mind In Motion…

  1. Start Saying No!! When you have no time to spare! (This is very important)
  2. Start tracking your days. Then after you track your a full week. (Start make the adjustments in your schedule to add time for yourself abf your wants and needs!)
  3. Remember, you are #1 and with out you nothing on your daily to do list can be achieved!!!

Step #2: Make A Plan…

Without a plan or set of goals. You are going to loose track of your purpose!!!

Step #3: Trial & Error…

Do not be afraid to fall because everytime you do. That is a lesson worth learning anf it will only bring you more knowledge and strength!

Step #4: If All Fails Reach Out Your Hand & Ask For Help!!!

You have spent your days, slaving over others. You have put your mental and physical state on the line over and over. No it is time for those people you were there for to stand up, for you!

If for some reason they do not, it maybe a good time to consider who is there for you as a person and who is there for your generosity?


You can achieve anything you set your heart and mind on achieving, Never Give Up On Yourself!!!

Take a chance on yourself and you will see the rewards you recieve from a little TLC!!!

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