WACKY Wednesday Brainstorms

Who Are You?

So many people, think they know their true selves but if they were to actually face the realities life has given them most would not know where to start.

The truth about knowing oneself, is that most people do not want to face their fears, trama, or past experience. In fact, did you know everything you do has a ripple effect on your life!

How you chose to deal with each situation, sets the stand in how you confront and manage your life!

This is the first question, you need to ask yourself before making a grand decision…

After you do this, will you be able to look yourself in the mirror proudly?


When you go to lay down at night will this next action you take keep you up at night?

Now, I ask you is there something in your past that you hide from? Do you have a deep dark secret that creeps up on you every now and again?

Without facing those details of your past you can not make the connections with your foundation because you are not fully accepting the person you actually are.

Consider each of your actions and reactions as tiny puzzle pieces connecting your timeline. Without one it does not make sense and can not be complete, much like a puzzle.

Each of your family members and friends are also a piece of your puzzle as they has taught you and corrected your direction from the very start..

I dare you, to take some time out of your day to really get to know yourself again. Self-Discovery is so important, for if you do not know yourself than how can you properly have positive relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

Self-acceptance is the key to your personal developement and success!

  1. What are your top 5 needs?
  2. What are your top 5 wants?
  3. What did you want to be when you grew up? Is that what you are today and if not what changed since then?
  4. Name 5 of your best personality traits?
  5. Name 5 of your worst habits?
  6. Name 3 life changing experiences? Then, write what they changed for you!
  7. Do you have boundary issues? If so, why do you think that is?
  8. Have you noticed that you have a trigger that generally sends you in an opposing direction than the one you were going in? If so what is it and why does it have that affect on you?
  9. Name your top 3 life complaints?

Now ask yourself, how long have you been settling with these complaints and why you did not fix them yet?

10. Are you happy with your life and if not what makes you unhappy? How long have you been settling with these unhappy life situations? Now, what holds you in the position in your life where you are willing to settle instead of push through toward happiness?

If you need help with self-discovery call today for your chance to make a change toward a happy and peaceful future…

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