Weekly Wednesday Challenge

Let’s Plan Some You Time!

When is the last time you took some time out for yourself???

Life is too short to keep settling for just living a busy schedule without being able to have some peace of mind..

Pick a day this week to do one thing for yourself!

  • Sit down and read a book in complete silence in your favorite chair…
  • Get a make over and freshen up your look…(Everyone needs a change every once in a while to get back in the game of life.)
  • Go spend, a little something on yourself! (It does not have to be something expensive maybe just buy the thing you have been wanting or needing for way to long.)
  • Go to the gym or do an activity that brings you stress relief. (All while, helping you to focus on doing something for your health.)
  • Go hang out with a friend you have not seen in a while!!! (Being social helps our personal development in so many ways.)
  • Go catch a movie at the theater…
  • Get a manicure or pedicure…
  • Get a massage…

Whatever you devide to do just make sure its something that you need and want.

*For those of you that say you do not have time in your busy schedule, here is a list of things you can consider to help motivate you in scheduling this special time for yourself…

Some Ideas:

For you work aholics…

  • Pretend your boss told you to find time!!!

For you parents…

  • Pretend you have a teacher conference and find the time…

I’m sure your kid has someone they can have a play date with.. (Tell one of your childrens friends if you watch mine this week for an hour. I’ll watch yours next week for the same.. Parents helping parents is the key to parenting my friends! Every parent needs a break sometime s take yours soon.)

For everyone else time is what you make it so make sure you find some to use for yourself…

The Challenge is Now In Your Hands.. Post Pics, Thoughts & Comments Below..

We want to hear what you did with your time 😊💖

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