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Free Talk & Support Groups

Welcome To Our Preview Of Our Free Support & Reference Page


We use our Free Online Facebook Groups as a way to give back to society. These pages are set-up to provide each member, with the support, inspiration, motivation and understanding they deserve. We realize, that people do not always have the proper access to support or information about healthy living, life experience, goal setting, and just general good conversation in a reasonably, safe place. Much like any other business Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions, needs to make money to survive. Although, as a life coaching & Motivational Company, we also feel community and support are key the secret ingredients needed to help our clients to reach success in their everyday life.

So in order to do that we have built two separate free online groups to provide all of the above and so much more. In Fact, our Head Life Coach,  Susan Riley is the Creator and Senior Admin on each page. Several volunteer Administrators and Susan, work every day to spread positivity, support and motivation to those that reach out and want to be a part of groups. In a way these groups are communities that you can use as a source to vent or celebrate, your good and bad in your days. These groups are a great way to meet new friends, make new and refreshing conversation, as well as to help others to find the same sense of peace and happiness. 

So Here Is A Little About What You Can Expect To See On Our  Groups

These Groups are a place for you to all share your stories and help support each other through out your days. So please feel free to post about your struggles or your every day life feelings and concerns. We also share, various health tips, positive & empowering quotes, healthy lifestyle choices and interactive posts.  So, if you have anything to share on the page that may benefit someone else’s lifestyle, please feel free to post. Day by day, as these groups grow we hope they will become Strong, Positive, and Empowering Communities. All of our Volunteer Admin are every day people just like yourself. 

All we really ask is for you to be kind with your replies by showing each other support. We ask you to help boost each others motivation and confidence. We add various posts to inspire self-discovery and inspiration to help you along your journey. It is your choice if you choose to use this information posted on the page to benefit yourself. 

So Come Check Out Our Talk & Support Pages and See If They Are For You …

Click Here To Join

Please Answer Questions To Be Accepted Within The Group. They Help Us To Make Sure We Are Only Accepting Real People Into The Group and Not Computer Spam

Click Here To Join 

Please Answer Questions To Be Accepted Within The Group. They Help Us To Make Sure We Are Only Accepting Real People Into The Group and Not Computer Spam

Come Join In On The Great Fun….

Do not forget to go check out the rest of our site to see what other deals and services we offer! 😊💖

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