Weekly Wednesday Challenge

Do You Have Confidence?

Come Join Our Confidence Building Exercise:


Below within the comment area post

1) How Confident Are You 1-10?

2) Below Comment 5 things You Love About Yourself?

3) Then, 5 Things You Wish You Could Change?************************************

Let’s Take Today To Help Motivate and Inspire Our Peers… Join in and as a Bonus I will help you to come up with some ways to build your confidence this week inspite of what holds you back!


Here Is My Confidence Level:

I would say I am about strong 8-9!

The 5 things I love about myself are…


My ability to always be able to trouble shoot hard situations.


My charismatic disposition as it always helps me to boost my mind over matter.

My strength even though sometimes I fall I have always found a way to push myself back up!


I love that I am not afraid to try new things or stand out in a crowd!


I love that I know who I am and I am not afraid to show it as that is something that held me back for many years in my past. Due to this I became very ill with anxiety and after my self acceptance I was finally able to find peace within myself!

5 least favorite things about me….


Some days I wish I was not so hard on myself. I try so hard sometimes when I really do not have to. (To counter act this sometimes I have to stop what I am doing and rationalize my situation)


Although, I am incredible strong and confident everyonce in a while fear will over come me about various situation due to the fact that I did not always have the most stable life. Occasionally, I find myself settling with less just to get through a scenario due to my fears! ( To counteract this I do pros and cons lists to help me see all view points of situations and variables)


I am unhappy with my weight but at the same time not ashamed of myself I realize there is a problem. ( Due to this I work hard to exercise using the method of swimming and various other activities. I also plan on finally getting blood work done to see if I have a hormonal issue.)


Very often I put others above myself. Whether its because they are my loved ones or just people I feel need a helping hand. Sometimes, I give to much leaving myself with crumbs of life. ( I just keep reminding myself that everyone has to go through their own journey no matter how easy or hard it maybe and that me giving my whole self does nothing but enable them to be less then they are.)


I have this horrible rash that comes out on my chin when ever I have an attack or just on any random day it decides to break my spirit and make me feel concious about myself. ( My hopes is with my new health insurance I will be able to find out why I get it and how to stop it from coming!)

Now It Is Your Turn…

Please Share Yours Below!

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