Weekly Wednesday Challenge

Do You Have Goals?

What are your Life Goals and Where Did They Come From?

We start setting goals for ourselves the very second we are able to say the words I want or I need!

So, how do we go about building those childhood dreams into realities?

It all starts with knowing what you want out of life...

Much like yesterday’s post today we will discuss our wants and needs and how important having such simple answers really is to our daily focus!

This wheel of life is my favorite tool to use with my clients! I love helping them to dissect their lives down to individual actions and feelings. The reason it is beneficial is because once you put all of your hopes, dreams, emotions and fears down on paper there is not hiding them. The only thing left to do is to work on the part of your life that you are not happy with.

So, take a few moments to do a break down of your life using the above wheel…

  1. Rate each of the above sections according to your life and then write down a brief yet informed few sentences to describe why you rated it at the level you did!

Next step: After you have done this exercise read all of the below and to have a betterunderstandinf of what it takes to reach peace and happiness with a successful plan of action.

There is nothing more special than having self-acceptance. All while living in the here and now, without regret of the fear of what tomorrow will bring!

We can not always control everything we do but if you build clear guidelines and boundaries for yourself you can achieve anything!

Now that you have looked at your current reality do not be afraid to step out of your box!

Know Yourself

Focus on the things that mean the most but never take your eye of new possibilities.

Then Challenge Yourself

See all that life has to offer you and expand on everything you know by taking a chance…

Believe in Yourself

It is you and only you who knows your limitations! Never stop pushing yourself because you fear you can not make it. Push yourself because if you do not try you will never succeed at anything!

Build a plan of action towards the vision you want for yourself…

Because only you can build the life of your dreams!!

And then after all is said and done

Execute your plan, one step at a time until you have reached your target level of success!

This is a quick simple exercise you can work on by yourself to discover your deepest desires…

All While Also Achieving Success For Yourself…

And If You Do Not Know Where To Start Or What To Do Next Seek Help From Our Head Certified Life Coach Susan Riley…

What are Your Dreams and What did you think about these exercises?

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