Daily Thoughts Intro…

This is my first post in my new category Daily Random Thoughts of a Life Coach…

This category is not going to be a top notch write. It is more of a jotted down description of the random details that cross my mind that I thought may be great to share. All while maybe making some great conversations within the comment areas. So please share your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

As a life coach, people expect you to be perfect and live a life of excellence because your job is to help others. The truth is thats not true lol πŸ˜‚!

I love to remind people that even heart doctors have heart problems. So believing that your therapist or life coach, may live a perfect life without complication is a bit imaginary! In fact, it is our very past and the story of our lives that make us into the life coach or therapist that is best to assist you.

Sure have a degree or certificate and even an education is very important. Although, the type of skills it takes to be a good listener with a non- judgmental ear not something that can be taught. Having the ability to seperate your life from your clients takes a certain type of understanding. We are human being and we have flaws and all types of problems just like everyone else.

It is our understanding of life and our experiences that give us the ability to listen and hear you as a person and not just a number. It is our experiences and all the times we have fallen that allows us to have the strength and trouble shooting ability to help you raise from your struggles.

So, take this opportunity to get to know me, not just as a life coach but also as an everyday woman that has fallen herself more than once. πŸ˜‡πŸ’–

I am Susan Riley & This is My First Entry In My New Daily Random Thoughts Of A Life Coach…

I find so often, that the world is thirsty for negative and such raw material. Of course, everyone still wants to read stories of perserverance and happy thoughts. Although, it seems to me like the world is tired of the fairy tales.

More and more, people seem to be jumping out of their skin to see the next big scene in other peoples lives. I believe they just want to scream in their own and because of that watchinf reality tv and drama filled stories allows them to express those emotions they hold trapped inside. It’s almost like it gives them a little bit of joy, when the bad guy in a movie gets caught. Not just because they were the bad guy but because when people watch movies and tv series they find it as a way to vent in silence.

Television, movies, and the internet have opened us up to be able to see the whole world from our couch while sitting in our pajamas. I am no different then anyone else trust me lol. I am a total tv junkie πŸ˜‚! Every august, I prepare my schedule for when my shows are coming on. I have a whole lot of shows. I enjoy them and find peace and happiness in watching them because its probably the few single moments of my day where my busy mind does not wonder. Although, I am not much for the news or reality tv. Thats doesnt mean I don’t love a good lifetime movie to cry to everyonce in a while when I’m feeling a bit down.

What are some ways you can identify with this post? What are your thoughts, opinions and hell share some of your favorite series πŸ˜‡!

Here are some of my favorite shows..

Grey’s Anatomy

I mean come on who doesnt love it. That show has all my emotions going every episode its like they just know the right buttons to press πŸ˜†!

SVU Law and Order:

I love how inspirational olivia is. I feel she never stops being a strong woman not even the moments when she falls and wants to cry. As a woman, I love a good show with a strong female actor!

I love all the Chicago Ones lol the chicago pd, fire and med.

Sure they can be a little over the top and drawn out sometimes but I feel like they have such a realistic view point. So often, that the stories they tell are inspirational and in some ways very helpful if you fnd youraelf in a similar situation it may help you to trouble shoot your thoughts a bit. I love that its not all just black and white. It shows that sometimes whats right for one person maybe wrong for another.

What are some of your favorites?

Also, thank you for stopping by to read my daily random thoughts! Please follow my companies blog for tons of positivity, motivation, and inspiration! Do not forget to check out my talk and support group page to join our great free online group 😎πŸ”₯!

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