Do you know yourself?

I have thought long and hard about the things in life that bring me joy.

A Perfect Day For Me Is

For me nothing is more irresistible than a beautiful sun filled day on a beach. Where I can get some sun and swim around for hours without a care in the world!


My Favorite Self-Love & Care Days

Include me getting and hour to 90 minute massage at reflexology. OMG, It Is To Die For!


What is a great day for me?

A great day for me is when my family is all getting along and enjoying themselves together. As I was brought up to be very family oriented family time is very important to me.


Things I also enjoy:

Pedicures, Manicures, Swimming for pleasure or exercise, Organizing, Crafts, Art, Writing, Drawing, Painting, working with my animals and Goofing around because I’m a total Goof Ball 😂!


Things I Hate:

I Hate Cleaning, Feeling Trapped or Bored, I Hate feeling like I am stuck in a situation, I am all about being there for friends and family but I have spent a life time of being obligated so I hate feeling as if I have no choice but to be there due to whatever reason. I’d prefer to be there just because it’s the right thing to do not becauae I have no choice.


My Pros…

I am a very diligent, hard working individual. I am full of charisma and have a kind yet generous heart ❤! I find joy in the little things life has to offer and can most days make the best out of the worst situation 98% of the time. I am a free spirit that enjoys and takes pride in speaking up for myself and others.

My Cons & Flaws:

I am usually looked at as over the top becauseonce I get started on something I will not rest till I am done. I have terrible anxiety, ocd’s and ptsd! The majority of the above is brought on by my life experience and obligations aka why I hate feeling trapped or held down.

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