Do You Know Someone Being Abused?

Dear Friends And Family Of Domestic Abuse or Any Type Of Abuse Victims

I ask you, if you are friends with or the family member of a person in a Domestic Violence or some one in an Abusive Situation, that you be gentle with your words. Judgment is not the answer ! These men and women of domestic, emotional or just general violence get judged and ridiculed everyday.

Many Victims of abuse live there life in silent pain, suffering in fear and agony. These sorrows and experiences can never be described or explained, well enough to give you even a quarter of the experience, they have been through. The gut wrenching sorrows from such acts, can break a person in so many ways, that most people can never understand.

Show support to your loved one by being there to listen. Help them to seek assistance by helping them to find a sense of peace or laughter regardless, of their current state. Assist them in rebuilding their confidence and helping them to put together an exit strategy that works in their best interest and safety. Be an outside source, that can provide a safe couch or listening ear! If you see something, say something to them in a non-judgmental way. Sometimes it’s the simple acts of kindness and support that can make all the difference in the pain, your loved one maybe experiencing.