Monday Life Management Post

What do you want out of life?

Is who you are today not the person you were yesterday? Your past, is your past whether it was 5 years ago, months ago, weeks ago, days ago, minutes ago or even seconds! The memories and experiences of your past, are what lead to the actions you have made through out your life! Do you… Continue reading What do you want out of life?

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Are You Stuck In A Rut???

Take a Chance, On Reaching New Heights For Yourself Today! You Deserve, To Live The Life You Dream Of With No Questions Asked... Let Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions Help You Get There 😊💖... Feel Free To Share This Post & Comment Below With Your Own Life Experiences.... Your Own Personal Experiences Could Help Someone Else… Continue reading Are You Stuck In A Rut???

Just For You, Weekly Post

Be Thankful For Life…

Some days, when you wake up. No matter, what is going on you have to just be happy that you can take a deep breath and say."Today I am alive and nothing else really matters other than that...."Cherish Those Special Moments That Built Your Foundation and Soul...So many people, struggle for survival everyday. Here are… Continue reading Be Thankful For Life…

WACKY Wednesday Brainstorms

Who Are You?

So many people, think they know their true selves but if they were to actually face the realities life has given them most would not know where to start. The truth about knowing oneself, is that most people do not want to face their fears, trama, or past experience. In fact, did you know everything… Continue reading Who Are You?

Weekly Strength Building Post

Do People Treat You Out Of Place & Odd?

Always remember, you are perfect the way you are. If you feel you would like to be something different or work to have a higher level of some status that is up to you.  You deserve to be given respect for who are, no matter whether someone agrees or disagrees!Use your knowledge of how to… Continue reading Do People Treat You Out Of Place & Odd?

Goal Building & Life Management Weekly Post

Do You Need A New Life?

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself ******* " I Need A New Life? " ******* Are You Feeling Overwhelmed with the life you have? Does This Picture Look Familiar? Well your not alone, people all over the world wake up thinking this everyday!!! So, now that you know your not alone and… Continue reading Do You Need A New Life?

Just For You, Weekly Post

Stop Settling, with Crumbs of Life…

Are you the type of person, that spends all of your days and nights head over heels involved with everyone's wants and needs but your own? The truth is life is too short to keep wasting. Sure, if you are a mom or dad your babies always come first but take a few minutes to… Continue reading Stop Settling, with Crumbs of Life…